Busing Information


Parent Portal and First Student Bus Tracker App 

  • Bus stop times may change frequently due to students being added or removed from the bus routes.  Please check either the Portal or Bus Tracker app Sunday and Wednesday evenings to ensure your stop time has not changed. 
  • The RUSD Parent Portal will be open to check bus stop information approximately 10-days prior to the start of the 2022/2023 school year. 
  • The First Student Bus Tracker app will be open to check busing information starting the first day of school, September 1st, 2022.

Bus Rules While on Board 

  • All buses will have assigned seats where practical to provide for contact tracing should the need arise.
  • All students are required to stay in their assigned seats.
  • Facemasks are recommended but optional on school buses.
  • No eating or drinking will be permitted on the bus. 
  • There is to be no physical contact or physical play. 

RUSD will be utilizing assigned Racine City busing for the 22-23 school year. 

  • City Bus passes may be issued for Middle & High School students who are eligible for transportation and live near a city bus route. Students residing two (2) miles or more from their home school or on a street deemed hazardous by the police department are eligible for transportation.
  • If a parent/student lives under 2 miles and is not eligible to ride the bus, city bus passes are available for purchase at the RUSD Transportation Office. 
  • RUSD sells these passes for the RYDE city of Racine bus company. These passes are not an RUSD product and are not available for free or discount. 
  • The monthly passes will cost $35.00 per month. During months that school is not in session for multiple days, (example: Nov. and Dec.) passes will be $30.00. View the full monthly payment schedule here. Please note, monthly rates will not be prorated.

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