WINGS Volunteer Program


The District’s WINGS Volunteer Program exists to enhance the educational experiences of students and assist teachers in the classroom. Annually, volunteers donate thousands of hours of service to benefit students. This positive interaction with volunteers often leads to improved self-esteem and academic improvement. In addition, volunteers can help provide a positive environment for students.

Please consider volunteering at a local school and helping Racine Unified educate every student to succeed.

Many Ways To Help

WINGS is designed to be as involved as your interests and time allow. Community members can support students and teachers in many ways. Volunteers can work directly with students as tutors, especially in the critical subjects of math, science and reading, or they can be mentors, working one-on-one with students.

How Do I Volunteer?

All volunteers are required to complete the online volunteer application, even if they were previously approved.  Volunteers that do not complete the online application will not be allowed to serve in the District until they do so. Volunteers only need to complete one online application, as it will suffice for all volunteer opportunities throughout the entire District. Please click here to complete the application.

¿Cómo puedo ser voluntario?

Se requiere que todo voluntario rellene el formulario por internet, aunque haya sido aprobado anteriormente.  Voluntarios quienes no rellenen el formulario por internet no podrán servir en el Distrito hasta que lo hayan hecho.   Los voluntarios solo necesitan rellenar el formulario por internet una vez, ya que será suficiente para todas las oportunidades que hay para ser voluntario en el Distrito Escolar.  Por favor haga clic aquí para rellenar el formulario. 


For more information or for any questions, please contact the Human Resources department at (262) 631-7020 or

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