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BUSING INFORMATION for March 1 is now available on the RUSD Parent Portal.

Bus stop times may change frequently due to students being added or removed from the bus routes. Please recheck the Portal regularly as we get closer to March 1.



1. Parent Portal and First Student Bus Tracker App 

     a. Bus stop times may change frequently due to students being added or removed from the bus routes.  Please check either the Portal or Bus Tracker app Sunday and Wednesday evenings to ensure your stop time has not changed. 

     b. The RUSD Parent Portal will be open to check bus stop information beginning Feb. 15 

     c. The First Student Bus Tracker app will be open to check busing information starting Feb. 27 

2. Bus Stop Changes 

     a. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will only have 15 students per bus stop. 

          i. Many bus stops have had to be moved and/or created to meet this guideline. 

          ii. Students are highly encouraged to use social distancing practices while waiting for the bus. 

          iii. Students should only wait at the stop they are assigned and will not be allowed to enter or depart at a different location. 

3. Bus Rules While on Board 

     a. All buses will have assigned seats to provide for contact tracing should the need arise.  All students are required to stay in their assigned seats. 

     b. Masks must always be worn by students on the bus. 

     c. No more than 2 students per seat, unless 3 are all from the same household. 

     d. No eating or drinking will be permitted on the bus. 

     e. There is to be no physical contact or physical play. 

4. RUSD is not utilizing assigned Racine City busing the 20-21 school year. 

     a. Yellow buses will be transporting all students to RUSD Schools. 

     b. If a parent/student lives under 2 miles and is not eligible to ride the bus, city bus passes are available for purchase at the RUSD Transportation Office. 

          i. RUSD sells these passes for the Racine bus company. These passes are not an RUSD product and are not available for free or discount. 

For more information please see:  https://rusd.org/departments/transportation 

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