4K Pyramid Model Survey


Racine Unified’s 4-Year-Old Kindergarten program conducted a survey of 4K parents regarding the Pyramid Model and its implementation. The Pyramid Model is the framework that RUSD uses to teach social and emotional development to younger students.

The last question on the survey called for comments. We wanted to share with you some of the responses that we got from our families. Below are some responses.

What do people think is the biggest benefit of their children attending this program? (taken from a pyramid model survey conducted in the Spring)

  • "Before being involved in the program my daughter was extremely reserved. She has blossomed so much in her knowledge base, but most importantly her communication and social skills. The learning and growing that has occurred in the past year has been invaluable."

  • "My child has learned so much during this school year. I really like the added benefit of having a speech pathologist in class along with the teacher."

  • "There has been a significant improvement with my child's speech and language skills."

  • "Social interactions with peers for the children, the ability for parent involvement to help both the child and parents ease into the transition of the school-age years of parenthood."

  • "Their teachers!!"

  • "He is talking a lot better."

  • "One of the biggest benefits is that he is learning pre-reading skills. Also, he has fun and is able to socialize with a diverse group of children. He really likes his teacher and has a positive attitude toward school."

  • "He has a jump start on being in the classroom, learning early and being social."

  • "It provides a better balanced and well-grounded experience for them instead of just focusing on the skills of ABC, 123, etc. The staff at Red Apple Early Childhood is amazing."

  • "Learning to deal with socialization."

  • "My child has benefited structure, manners, feelings about others, sharing, problem solving"

  • "Getting to interact with others."

  • "He has learned so much while attending the program such as, behavior, feelings, understanding others and he can even read some words by sounding them out."

  • "The teachers and staff are fantastic"

  • "I would say her interacting with other children."

  • "Learning how to interact with other children and adults. Learning how to recognize and deal with emotions along with prepping them for kindergarten."

  • "They learn a lot and have a good teaching staff."

  • "Learning how to act properly in group atmosphere. Learning how to get along with others outside of family and how to respect others ideas and feelings. Making friends and respecting them."

  • "My student was very shy and the program helped her out of her shell. She has developed beautifully and loves to go to school."

  • "I think the biggest benefit of my children attending Racine Unified District is for the diversity. Also the caring and support from all the teachers. My children like to go to school and I believe that teachers are the number one reason for them wanting to go back each day."

  • "Being around other children his age daily and learning to make good choices at a young age."

  • "Learning social skills Learning sounds of her letters."

  • "Growth in social situations and learning how to interact with other children in a compassionate way. All children have different growth in education listening and obeying rules/instructions"

  • "Smaller classroom, more one-on-one attention."

  • "Listening skills communicate better with other kids."

  • "Building social skills in a learning environment."

  • "Learning to be well behaved when not at home and interact well with others."

  • "The interaction with other children and also having the teacher to help enforce correct behavior really means more to her than just being told by mom and dad."

  • "My child learns how to play, share, problem solve how to be independent the teachers seems to have creative ways to teach children and get their attention and keep them engaged."

  • "I enjoy knowing the teacher is on the same page about what is acceptable in her room. She is an awesome caring teacher."

  • "She's learning so much and is able to interact with other kids and make friends."

  • "It eases him into a school environment."

  • "A jumpstart on school. Learning to play with other children."

  • "Learning how to get along with others and sharing."

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