Optional Transportation


Wisconsin school laws permit school districts to provide transportation services for pupils not required to be transported under s.121.54. Students fitting this description are:

  •  Students living and/or using an alternate address under two (2) miles from school and where areas of
    unusual hazards do not exist.
  • Pupils not living in their school’s attendance area and/or using an alternate address not eligible for
    transportation Services.
  • Families will only be offered an existing stop with a safe walk path.
  • The normal $300.00 fee will be waived for the 2021/2022 school year.
  • Students must observe bus rules at all times.

To schedule Optional Transportation please fill out this form and email it to our Transportation Department at transportation.department@rusd.org.

Optional Transportation can normally take up to 3rd Friday count to determine bus capacities.

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