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Case High School Students Place Second in Inaugural Tech-Prize Contest

skill savvy
skill savvy

Nine teams from five countries competed in the first ever Tech-Prize contest May 8 and a team of students from the Academies of Racine - Case took home a second place prize.

Tech-Prize was organized by Visioning a Greater Racine to get young people to not only build creative apps, but also show that Racine has the potential to lead the way in producing innovative ideas and successful start-ups. A group from Ireland took home top prize for both Excellence in Coding and Best Team for creating an app called “SnapStudy” that modernizes flash cards. 

The Case Dream Team that placed second for Best Team was made up of junior Robert Barkley, sophomore Alicia Zavala, senior Evelyn Blome, Senior Antonice Carter and Junior Taylor Kaplan. They made an app called “Skill Savvy” that connects people of any age to jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities in their community. 

For taking home second place in Team App Development, each member of Case Dream Team took home $750 in scholarship money. 

tech prize

Watch the Case students present their app at the 51:00 mark here.