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Classrooms and Community: Goodland Montessori Students Give to Animals in Need

Goodland animal donations
Goodland animal donations

Students at Goodland Montessori have been engaged in an exciting service learning project. 

For more than a month, they have been learning all about animals in need thanks to a partnership with the Wisconsin Humane Society. Learning opportunities have included lessons on how to help animals, virtual tours and meeting people in various animal-related careers. Then the students decided it was time to take action. 

The Montessori students turned to their families and asked if they could earn money doing chores so they could in turn buy items on the Wisconsin Humane Society wish list. After earning their money, they took things a step further and conducted price analyses to find where to purchase the items at the best price. 

A big part of Montessori education is providing opportunities for students to feel connected to their world because a unique aspect of this form of education is that the community is considered part of the classroom.  Dr. Montessori believed that students who come to this realization can apply their knowledge and contribute positively to society.  Goodland Montessori students also practice virtues like humility, caring, and consideration as part of their school-wide Grace and Courtesy program in projects such as this.  

The first through third graders who took part in this project say they will continue looking for more ways to make a difference and hope more people will volunteer and donate too. 

 If you’re interested in doing so, you can find the WHS wish list here:


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