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RUSD High School Students Learn Money Management

ECU Money
ECU Money

RUSD high school students are set up for financial success thanks to Educators Credit Union. ECU brought their annual “Reality Check” program to RUSD juniors virtually this year. 

Reality Check gives students a glimpse into the financial decisions they will need to make as adults. Students are assigned an income and life circumstances and need to budget for things including transportation, child care costs and rent or home ownership. Then they must pay bills, purchase goods, pay off credit card debt and even budget for retirement. It’s a truly eye-opening experience! 

“If you are taught budgeting and money management before you’ve entered the workforce, you’re more likely to make better decisions later on in life,” said Victor Frasher, director of community engagement at Educators Credit Union. 

Educators Credit Union has provided this financial literacy experience to RUSD students for the last 15 years. Watch the program and students in action in the link below.