RUSD Seeks Reading Corps Tutors

tutor working with student
tutor working with student

Students who read have the power to succeed! That’s why the Racine Unified School District is partnering with an AmeriCorps program called Reading Corps to provide some of its youngest learners (K-3) with additional reading support. Reading Corps tutors are trained to work one-on-one with students to provide extra practice and skill building.

Reading Corps makes a tremendous difference in Racine’s schools and community. Students who participate in Reading Corps make greater gains and get on track faster than their peers. In fact, Reading Corps students often achieve more than a year’s growth in a single school year. 

“A recent study of our data showed that students who participated in Reading Corps tutoring were 60% more likely to meet their MAP goal than those who did not,” said RUSD Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction Mallory Umar. “Reading Corps tutors work alongside teachers and principals to identify and serve students who need extra support and the one-on-one tutoring time makes a big difference for our students who need it.”

To help meet the needs of students, RUSD needs tutors for the 2022-23 school year. Tutors meet with students during the school day and can choose to serve 25 or 35 hours a week. In return, they receive a number of perks, including a stipend every two weeks and additional money for tuition or student loans. Many tutors also qualify for individual health insurance and child care assistance at no cost to them. 

“Given all the challenges and learning disruptions that came with COVID-19, our students need extra support more than ever,” Umar said. “I encourage anyone who wants to help our students succeed to consider becoming a tutor.”

Learn more and apply by visiting or calling 866.859.2825.