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 Providing opportunities for student success outside the traditional classroom in rigorous leading edge ways through personal virtual coursework and mentorship.

What does a typical day look like in the virtual learning environment for a middle schooler?

Our Virtual Learning program is available to all students enrolled in Racine Unified through the open enrollment process.  Students at the middle and high school levels will meet with their teachers and peers throughout the week. Students have access to their grade level teacher at any time, as there are dedicated teachers to work on core content based on student need. Additionally, Virtual Learning has  full-time special education teachers able to service most Special Education students virtually.

  • DAILY MEETS:  Your child will be expected to meet with their content teachers in order to go through weekly assignments, ask questions and engage with other peers. Meets are set up by each content teacher and shared with the students at the beginning of each semester. Students should expect  4-6 meets per week.
  • WHAT DO I DO WHEN I AM NOT IN A MEET?  We expect students to spend 45-60 minutes a day on each course they are enrolled in.

                  -   We encourage students to create a daily schedule of their meetings and set times they will work                                on each course. 


Daily Learning Expectations





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