Starbuck Middle

Teachers' Websites


Below you will find the links to the teachers' websites for the 2021-2022 school year.

Teachers' website home page

Ms. Skaarnes' site                 Starbuck Library site                    Mrs. Kennedy's Counseling Corner        

     -Mrs. Cellak's site
    -Mr. Murphy's site
    -Mrs. Robbins' site
    -Physical Education & Health
    -Ms. Foley's site
    -Mrs. Devroy's site
    -Ms. Rivera's site

Dual Language (Nicaragua House)
     -Mr. Ponte's site

6th Grade
     -Mr. Barakat's site
     -Ms. Imoehl's site
     -Mr. Mendez's site
     -Mr. Schnetzky's site
     -Mrs. Terry Slack's site
     -Mr. Z's site

7th Grade
     -Mr. Miner's site
     -Ms. BW's site
     -Ms. Dickert's site
     -Mrs. Ingram's site
     -Ms. Magulski's site
     -Ms. Lutze's site
     -Mr. Woosley's site

8th Grade
     -Math site
     -Science site
     -I&S site