Commitment to Authentic and Meaningful Community Engagement


As one of the core values of RUSD is “strong relationships,” the District strategic planning committee committed early on to ensuring there was a robust component of the strategic plan (Phase III) designed to foster meaningful and authentic community engagement. To this end, Superintendent Gallien and Board of Trustees representative, Ms. Ally Docksey, identified four community members who would collectively co-chair two subcommittees, one focused on academics and the other focusing on District infrastructure, both of which were designed to provide input and inform the development of the strategic plan. The four community co-chairs were:
     Ms. Nikki Fisher
     Ms. Elaine de la Cruz
     Ms. Yolanda Hodges
     Mr. Dan Baran

Following the identification of the co-chairs, Superintendent Gallien, Ms. Docksey and the co-chairs reviewed more than 90 applications submitted by community members to be a part of the subcommittee process, many of which were indicating interest in working on a District committee for the first time. Following a detailed review process, 54 members were selected to participate in the process and these 54 members represented the diversity of RUSD while also representing each of the District’s school communities. Additionally, the group was intentionally chosen to represent the diversity of the District student body and the many staff roles and organizations within our community (see below).

Academic Subcommittee - 27 members
White/Caucasian - 44%
Hispanic/Latinx - 22.2%
Black/African American - 25.9%
Asian/Pacific Islander/Native American/Two or More Races - 7.4%
Inclusive of Parents - 70%
Including Teachers/School Staff - 29%
Including Community Partner Organizations - 22.2%

Infrastructure Subcommittee - 27 members
White/Caucasian - 44%
Hispanic/Latinx - 25.9%
Black/African American - 25.9%
Asian/Pacific Islander/Native American/Two or More Races - 3.7%
Inclusive of Parents - 74%
Including Teachers/School Staff - 14.8%
Including Community Partner Organizations - 29.6%

Additionally, as one of the core values of the District is to be student-centered in decision making, Superintendent Gallien restarted the Superintendent Student Advisory Council consisting of 15 students who represent each of the District’s high schools. This council was convened as part of Phase III and provided invaluable feedback to the development of this strategic plan.

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