Art is offered in every grade throughout the Racine Unified School District.

Elementary students get their first opportunity to learn about art in kindergarten where they learn the color wheel, designs with lines and drawing many different styles and ideas in 2D artwork. The artwork in the elementary schools is on display in all of the buildings with individual schools hosting their own “Art” night or week during the school year.

In the Middle Schools all students are offered the opportunity for art in sixth grade and can take many levels of 2D and 3D art throughout their seventh and eighth grade years.

In high school, their art opportunities expand with many different emphasises in 2D, 3D, ceramics and other forms of art. High schools have culminating art shows in the spring of the year showing the portfolios of art the students have achieved throughout the year.

District wide, there is the Wustum Museum District Art Show which takes place in the end of April and first 3 weeks of May. This show displays works from each school in the district, showing many original and beautiful artworks from every grade level. It is a spectacular event. Each school selects two works to be displayed at the District Awards Art show in the fall of the following year, where they will be on display for 3 months.

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