Guidelines & Procedures


Please read the following regarding transportation practices in the Racine Unified School District. This information is intended to provide each eligible student with safe, efficient transportation to and from school.

  1. The route assignment and pick up time are provided on the bus pass. Students must be on time at the designated pickup point. Buses have very tight time schedules and can’t wait if students aren’t ready when the bus arrives. Arriving five (5) minutes before the scheduled time is recommended.
  2. Practice proper behavior while waiting at a bus stop. Wait in the proper location and look both ways before crossing the street after receiving the signal from the driver. If problems occur at the bus stop and can’t be resolved by the student and his/her parents the police will be contacted.
  3. The use of the emergency door is for emergency evacuation only. Opening the emergency door in non-emergency situations could result in immediate bus suspension and/or expulsion from school. Bus riders must cooperate with emergency evacuation drills when asked. Avoid crowding or pushing when getting on or off the bus.
  4. Take your seats as soon as you get on the bus. Remain seated at all times and share seats with fellow riders. In many instances, students will be required to ride three (3) to a seat or in an assigned seat.
  5. Animals, firearms and large or sharp objects are not permitted on buses because they present safety hazards. Skateboards or basketballs are also not permitted on the bus.
  6. Only students assigned to a bus will be permitted on buses.
  7. Babysitter and daycare pick up and drop-offs will be accommodated if they are located on existing routes and on a consistent daily basis. Changes in pick ups and drop offs will only be considered after the transportation office has received a written request. 
  8. Restitution will be required from any offender causing damage or vandalism to a bus.
  9. If you will be picking up your child from school, a written notice must be given to the principal for each day he/she will not ride the bus. If no note is received, your child will be put on his/her assigned bus.
  10. Bus service will discontinue after five (5) consecutive days of non-ridership if the parent does not notify the bus company. 
  11. Students identified as having 504 or special education needs must have a 504 plan or IEP indicating the need for transportation services. The plan should also indicate any specific accommodations that may be required.
  12. Missing bus riders may be reported by calling the bus company at (262) 290-3534.
  13. Releasing students from the school bus, other than at their normal stop, is not allowed.
  14. Students are not permitted to ride any bus other than the one to which they were assigned. 
  15. All early childhood students (3 and 4-year-olds) and special education (if IEP requires) home stops must have a responsible adult at the bus stop in order to have your student released from the bus.
  16. There is no use of cellphones, headphones or electronic devices on buses. 
  17. All ridership rules would also apply.

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