Ridership Rules


The school bus is considered school property – an extension of the school – and all rules that apply to proper conduct in the classroom and school also apply to the bus. 

In order to help ensure that students have a safe bus ride to and from school, the rules are the following:

  1. Get on/off the bus only at your assigned bus stop.
  2. Respect the location where you are waiting for the bus.
  3. Follow all safety rules while waiting for the bus and while riding the bus.
  4. Respect and obey the driver.
  5. Respect all students on the bus.
  6. Remain seated at all times.
  7. Use “inside voices”.  No loud talking or other noises.
  8. Use appropriate language.
  9. Keep aisles clear of any items or body parts.
  10. Rowdy play is not allowed.
  11. Never throw anything out the bus window.
  12. Keep hands and head inside the bus.
  13. No eating or drinking on the bus.
  14. Rear seats must remain empty.
  15. Windows may be down only half way.
  16. Nothing may be transported on the bus that doesn't fit in the student's lap.

The following serious behaviors may result in suspension from the bus and possible expulsion: any behavior that causes a serious safety hazard, possession of a weapon or facsimile, possession of drugs and alcohol, fighting/assault which results in injury, possession of pyrotechnic devices or numerous write-ups for not following ridership rules. Other types of violations of the rules with respect to the bus may result in an immediate suspension from school for a period of time up to five (5) school days. Video cameras on school buses may be used to assist with discipline problems.

Vandalism to the school bus may be charged to the parent/guardian with suspension until paid.

Riding a bus is a privilege. If the behavior of any student is unacceptable, riding privileges can and will be revoked. If the riding privilege is revoked, it will be the parent's responsibility to get his/her child to and from school.

Any questions regarding write-ups, suspension or expulsions should be directed to the school principal. 

Rules of Conduct

Students transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of the driver of the bus. Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the driver shall be sufficient reason for a student to be denied transportation in accordance with the ridership rules. The driver of any school bus shall be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the students transported. (Reference: School Board Policy 5141.2)

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