Dual Language Program


The goal of the RUSD Dual Language Program is to develop high levels of language proficiency and literacy in both languages, to demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, and develop sociocultural competence.

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Dual Language Education is an entitlement Language Instructional  Educational Program that serves students identified as English Learners (ELs). It also gives the opportunity to Non-EL students to enter the program as an enrichment part of their education. All students are taught literacy and academic content in English and the partner language (Spanish). 

RUSD Dual Language Program begins in 4k and students have the opportunity to continue through 8th grade. In RUSD we follow an 80/20 content language allocation model. Students receive 80% of instruction in the first two years in Spanish and 20% in English. Over the course of the elementary grades, the percentage of instruction in Spanish decreases, while the percentage of English gradually increases. Instructional time in each language reaches a 50/50 ratio in 5th grade. English and Spanish are divided evenly in all core academic content areas. This model ensures bilingual and biliteracy development for all students. 

RUSD bilingual teachers hold certifications and are trained to teach language acquisition in an interactive learning approach. They integrate language, and content standards in core academic instruction (language arts, math, social studies, and science) to ensure students reach RUSD goals. Dual Language teachers are dedicated to developing cross-cultural perspectives and attitudes of all students. Students who participate in Dual Language gain grade-level academic achievement, well-developed language and literacy in two languages, and cross-cultural competence.

Elementary Schools That Offer Dual Language Program

  • Dr. Jones
  • Fratt
  • S.C. Johnson
  • Julian Thomas
  • Mitchell Elementary
  • Bull Early Education Center
  • Wadewitz

Students who wish to continue in the dual language program in middle school attend either Mitchell School or Jerstad-Agerholm School.

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