Administrative Regulations


Administrative Regulations Under Review

There are no Administrative Regulations under review at this time.

To provide feedback to the District on the proposed changes to the Administrative Regulation under review, please email your comments to Please reference the specific Administrative Regulation number in the subject line of your email.

Administrative Regulations

100 Administrative Regulations

Communication & Public Information

1000  Communication and Public Information

1100  Communication with the Media

1111  School Sponsored Communications

1112  Publications, Radio and Television

1113  District News Releases

1130  Student Involvement in School Communications

1211  The Utilization of District Materials, Equipment and Facilities by RUSD PTA Council

1230  Visits to Schools

1231  Visitation Procedure for Schools and District Facilities

1240  Loitering or Causing Disturbance

1250  Alcohol and/or Drug Use on School Property

1260  Reward for the Apprehension of Vandals or Thieves

1322  Soliciting of Funds at School

1323  Advertising and Promotions

1325  School Fund Raising Guidelines

1330  Use of School Facilities

1331  Use of School Facility Guidelines

1340  Public Records

1341  Access to School Materials/Public Records

1342  Records Retention Guidelines

1343  Guidelines for Destruction of Records

1350  Admission Charges for High School Activities

1355  Student Production of Goods and Services


2000 Creation and Modification of Regulations


3110    Budget Planning/Annual Budget Document

3120    Publication and Public Hearing

3130    Approval and Certification of Tax Levy

3140    Transfer of Assets Between Categories: Budget Amendments

3220    Materials and Other Fees

3221    Procedures for the Control of Athletic Equipment and Supplies

3230    Sales, Loans and Disposal of Books, Equipment, Materials, Supplies, other Personal Property

3240    Sale, Purchase, Rental, Lease and Permitted Use of Real Estate and Property

3250    Gifts, Grants and Bequests

3261    Borrowing

3262    Investment Policy

3263    Depository

3264    Incurring Liabilities

3270    Collection for Damage to School Property

3300    Purchasing Guides/State Contract Purchasing

3310    Vendors – Relationships/Representatives

3311     Performance Guarantees

3315     Employee Cellular Telephone Guidelines

3316     Use of District Telecommunications Resources

3322     Bidding Process

3325     Paying for Goods and Services

3330     Contract Authorization

3331     External Professional Services

3332     Conference-Convention-Event Travel

3400     System of Accounts and Expenditures

3410     Monthly and Periodic Financial Reports

3420     Inventories

3430     Money in School Buildings

3500     Safety/Safety Precautions/Safety Drills

3511     Use of Tobacco Products

3512     Vehicle Use on Hard Surface

3513     Hunting Precaution

3530     Exits: Gates and Outside Doors

3531     Key Security

3540     Removal of Property

3550     Maintenance of Facilities

3600     Insurance

3610     Pensions

3620     Employee Theft Insurance

3700     Transportation: Responsibilities and Duties

3701     School Board and Transportation

3702     Transportation Service

3702.1  Regular Bus Routes and Services

3702.2  Staff Transporting Students in Private Automobiles

3702.3  Special Transportation for School-Related Field Trips

3702.4  Extracurricular Activity Trips

3703     Use of Video Camera on the School Bus

3710     Food Service

3910     Claims for Reimbursement for Personal Property Loss


4116.22  Professional Conduct

4149         Conditions of Employment and Fringe Benefits for Administrators

4121.1     Teacher Absences

4245         District Network Use Policy

4245.1     Social Media

4247         Breastfeeding Employee Lactation Regulations

4248         Cell Phone Use While Driving

4249         Proof of Immunity to Selected Vaccine-Preventable Diseases


5127.1   Diversity

5127.24 RUSD School Choice Program Enrollment

5133.1  Promotion of Fourth and Eighth Grade Students

5134      Reporting to Parents

5138      Scholarship: Academic Excellence Higher Education

5138.1   Scholarship: Guidelines for Selecting Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Recipients

5141.6   Student Driving and Parking

5145      Civil and Legal Rights and Responsibilities

5145.1   Sexual Harassment

5145.2   Nondiscrimination Complaint Procedure

5145.3   Bullying and Harassment

5145.4   Transgender and Students Nonconforming to Gender Role Stereotypes

5151.23 Wellness Policy

5151.41 Pediculosis (Head Lice)

5151.42 Pediculosis (Head Lice) Treatment

5151.7   Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

5151.94 RUSD Naloxone/Narcan Policy

5152.4   Electronic Scanning: Security Screening

5161      Cell Phones

5162      District Network Use Policy (Students)


6111       School Calendar

6112       School Day

6112.11  Elementary Curriculum Time Allotments

6113       Released Time: Special Instruction for Students/Released Time for Religious Instruction

6114.7    Emergency Closing Procedures

6115.1    Display of the American Flag

6115.2    Pledge of Allegiance

6116       Assignment to Teachers and Classes

6120.1    District Strategic Plan

6121       School Improvement Planning

6130       Organizational Plan

6140       Curriculum

6141       Curriculum Design

6141.1    Experimental/Innovative Programs

6141.2    Recognition of Variety of Beliefs and Customs

6141.4    Curriculum Revision

6141.5    Criteria for New or Expanded Programs

6141.6    Research Studies and Projects

6141.7    Start College Now/Early College Credit Program

6142.1    Graduation Requirements

6142.11   Early Entrance: Identification and Programming for Gifted and Talented Students

6142.12  Granting Credit for Off-Campus Educational Experience

6142.13   Minimum Program Attendance Requirements for Full Time Students

6142.14   The International Baccalaureate Diploma - Transfer Policy

6142.15   High School Physical Education (PE) Waiver

6142.2     Recommendations of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

6142.3     Weighted Credit System for Designated College Preparatory Academic Courses

6143        Curriculum Guides

6144        Controversial Issues - Student Freedom of Expression

6144.12   Distributing and Displaying Materials

6144.2     Guest Speakers

6144.3     Study of Controversial Issues

6144.33   Procedure for Handling Complaints Concerning Educational Materials

6144.34   Library Materials Selection Purchase Policy

6144.36   Parent/Customer Complaint

6144.4     Political Campaigns

6145        Class Activities

6146        Examination and Grading

6146.1     Homework/Outside Assignments

6147        Progress

6151        Class Size

6152        Field Trips

6161        Instructional Services:  Books & Materials/Equipment & Materials

6162        Instructional Resources for Teachers

6162.11   Guidelines for Teachers Securing Audiovisual/Media Materials

6162.61   District Assessment Information and Calendar

6162.7     Instructional Materials Center

6162.71   Long Range Plan for Library/Media Development

6164        Support Services

6164.22   Academic and Career Planning

6164.23   Pupil Referrals for Support Services

6165.10   School Psychological Services

6166        Special Education Policy Document

6168        Animals in Schools

6170        Curriculum Extensions

6173        Summer School

6176        Guidelines for Establishing Charter Schools

6180        Evaluation of Instructional Program

6200        High School Equivalency Certificates

Facility Utilization

7110    Determining Facility Need

7112    Forecasting Enrollments

7113    Adjusting Attendance Boundaries

7114    Evaluating Existing Buildings

7115    Developing Educational Specifications

7131    General Management of Long-Range Building Construction and Utilization Programs

7141    Providing Information to the Public/Building Plans

7142    Polling Places

7143    Public Ceremonies

7150    Relationships with Local Governmental Units

7210    Architectural and Engineering Services

7220    Site Development

7221    Acquisition

7430    Construction Change Orders

7551    Commemorative Naming or Renaming of District Educational Facilities

7551.1 Sponsorship Naming Rights for District Facilities or Educational Spaces

7552    Recording Names of Board Members, Administrators, Architects and Builders

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