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Find contact information for the members of the Special Education department.

Executive Director of Special Education Instruction & Support

Rachel Schuler
Executive Director of Special Education
(262) 631-7148

Adam Schneider
SPED Specialist
(262) 631-7148

Private Parochial Schools

Kyami Cronin
Speech/Language Diagnostician
(262) 619-4629

Felicia James
School Social Worker
(262) 939-5485

Early Childhood Cluster (BEE Center, PSO, Acelero Learning, EC at Elementary Schools, Community Partners)

Lori Patino
EC Supervisor
(262) 631-7156

Todd Yunker
Secretary to Early Childhood Cluster
(262) 631-7153

Ashley Lindstrom
EC Diagnostician/PST
(262) 664-6738

Joanna Hasty
EC Diagnostician/PST
(262) 619-4506

Celia Kuhl
EC Speech/Language Diagnostician
(262) 939-9038

Amanda Buchenauer
EC Diagnostician/PST

Mary Jane Arroyo
EC Social Worker
(262) 664-6762

Rita Nickels
EC Social Worker
(262) 619-4507

Evie Munoz
EC Speech/Language Diagnostician

Kara Pace
EC Diagnostic Speech

Lisa Leicht
EC Speech/Language Diagnostician
(262) 619-4508

Elementary Cluster 1 (Janes, North Park, Olympia Brown, Red Apple, Roosevelt, SC Johnson, West Ridge, INC Elementary/Fresh Start, Gifford, Jerstad-Algerholm, Starbuck)

Susanne Lilly
Cluster 1 Manager
(262) 752-6006

Brenda Rose
Secretary to Cluster 1 Medicaid Assistant
(262) 631-7199

Julie Arens - North Park & Gifford
Cluster 1 PST/Diagnostician

Kim Bruessell- Janes
Cluster 1 PST/Diagnostician

Eryn Catlin- SC Johnson
Cluster 1 PST/Diagnostician

Leza Weber - Westridge, Starbuck
Cluster 1 PST/Diagnostician

Cortney Youngblood - INC Elementary & Fresh Start
Cluster 1 PST/Diagnostician

TBD- Jerstad Algerholm
Cluster 1 PST/Diagnostician

Carol Swenson- Olympia Brown, Red Apple,  Roosevelt
Cluster 1 PST/Diagnostician

Elementary Cluster 2 ( Dr. Jones, Fratt, Giese, Goodland/Montessori, Jefferson, Julian Thomas, Knapp, Schulte, Wadewitz, Gilmore Fine Arts, Mitchell)

Sharri Vandehey
Cluster 2 Manager

Karen D'Alie
Secretary to Cluster 2
(262) 631-7178

Shannon Raymond - Giese, Goodland/Montessori & Gilmore Fine Arts
Cluster 2 PST/Diagnostian

Eryn Catlin- Knapp
Cluster 2 PST/Diagnostician

Ashlee Tonar- Dr. Jones, Jefferson, Schulte
Cluster 2 PST/Diagnostician

Kris Hobson- Fratt & Julian Thomas
Cluster 2 PST/Diagnostician

Beth Story - Mitchell
Cluster 2 PST/Diagnostician

Kim Bruessell- Wadewitz
Cluster 2 PST/Diagnostician

Cluster 3  (Case, Horlick, Park, Walden, REAL School)

Sharaine Dirden
Cluster 3 Manager
(262) 619-4463 (Office)

Kate Studebaker
Secretary to Cluster 3
(262) 631-7143

Stephanie Chaussee - Park
High School Coordinator
(262) 664-4479

Jen Manninen - Case
High School Coordinator
(262) 664-4219

Kate Possing - Horlick
High School Coordinator
(262) 664-4373

Cortney Youngblood - REAL, Walden, RAL
Cluster 3 PST/Diagnostician

District-Wide Support Staff

Lori Weiss
(262) 631-7127

Dianne Chase
Secretary to Psych Dept.
(262) 664-6700

Kate Sieg
Instructional Technology Support
(262) 930-4994

Christy Timms
Professional Development Coordinator

Justine Bieganski
Transition & Work Experience Coordinator
(262) 631-7038

Ann Barry
Assistive Technology/ Speech Language Support
(262) 664-6041

Pete Matson
District Wide EBSC Support Teacher

Barb Christensen
District Wide FASC Support Teacher
(262) 664-6021

Anastasia Boyle

Tricia Ward
District Wide Diagnostician
(262) 631-7144

Taylor Shannon
Instructional Technology Support
(262) 631-7150

Erin Edwards
Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Jenny Maxwell
Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Daniel Houlihan
Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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