Advanced Placement


The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program provides students with the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school and to earn college credit, Advanced Placement or both for successful performance on the AP exams.

AP courses are offered at Horlick, Park and Walden III High Schools. Students from Case and REAL High Schools may take AP courses at Horlick, Park or Walden III. In addition, AP courses are offered through RUSD's Virtual Learning. To learn more about Virtual Learning, call (262) 664-8734.

RUSD offers many AP courses that cover a wide variety of academic areas and potential career and post-secondary interests. Examples include: psychology, U.S. government and politics, world history, microeconomics, physics, biology, chemistry, studio art, calculus, statistics, English language and composition, English literature and composition, Spanish and French.

Students enrolled in AP courses have an opportunity to take Advanced Placement exams in May of each year. The cost for each exam is the responsibility of the student. There may be assistance to help students with the cost of the exams. See your counselor for more information.

2020 AP Testing Guide for Students

AP Exam Schedule 2020

Course Specific Exam Information

Taking the 2020 AP Exams

The Exam Day Experience

AP 2020 Exam Demo

AP Exam Security - AP Coronavirus Updates


​Q: Are AP exams still taking place?
Yes, students will still be taking AP exams in May, but they will be from home and online

Q: How will students take AP Exams?
A:  Students will receive an email code/link from the College Board the day of the scheduled exam. Students will have a set amount of time to complete and submit the shortened exam.  Students can take the exams from a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.  

Spanish and French Language exams must be taken from an IOS or Android tablet or smartphone.

Q: When are AP exams being held?
A:  Regular exam dates are May 11th - May 22nd. If students are unable to test on these dates there are late exam dates of June 1st - June 5th. However, students are strongly encouraged to test during the regular exam dates.

AP Seminar, Capstone Computer Science Principles performance tasks, and Studio Art portfolios must be electronically submitted by May 26th.

Q: What if my student no longer wants to take an AP exam they registered for?
A: If your student no longer wants to take the exam, they should not use the exam code issued for that exam. If they do not use their code their exam will be canceled and they will not be charged the $40 cancellation fee.

Q: What if I already paid for the exam and I don’t want to take it anymore?
A: If a student is now opting to no longer take the exam and the exam fee was already paid, you will receive a refund once the final invoice from the College Board is processed in June.

Q: If I don’t want to take my exam, but I know someone who does, can I just give them my access code?
No, all access codes are specific to a student’s College Board account and the student information cannot be changed

Q: I’m nervous about having enough time to upload my answers. Is there a way I can practice before my actual exam?
A: Yes, The College Board is offering demos for students to practice.  You can practice here:

Q: Can I use my notes while I take the exam?

Q: Can my friends and I take the exam together?
A: No, the College Board will have extensive security measures in place, plagiarism or collaborating with other students taking the exam will result in exam scores being canceled.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Halli Lannan at or 631-7077

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