Requesting a copy of your transcript can be simple.

When Did You Graduate?

2000 and Before

Please contact the School Data department at (262) 631-7078 to request a copy of your transcript. 

2001 and After

Please contact the high school from which you graduated to request a copy of your transcript. 

  • Case High School: (262) 619-4200
  • Horlick High School: (262) 619-4300
  • Park High School: (262) 619-4400
  • REAL School: (262) 664-8100
  • Walden III: (262) 664-6250

Send an Electronic Copy of Your Transcript

Parchment allows you to send official transcripts, checked and approved by your high school, to the colleges you choose. If you graduated after 2000, click on the link below and follow the on-screen instructions. If you graduated in 1999 or before, please contact the RUSD School Data department at (262) 631-7078 to request your transcript.

Parchment Transcript Request

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