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The mission of WI FACETS is to provide and broaden opportunities that enhance the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities and their families, with emphasis on support for underserved families in the community.

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  • Family Engagement Article: Wisconsin Birth to Three Program

  • Research to Read: "Students with Intellectual Disabilities Going to College? Absolutely!"

  • Online resources for youth and families in the area of Intellectual Disabilities

  • For Your Information: Best Buddies

  • Information about upcoming statewide trainings, workshops and conferences

  • At Home Learning Strategies

WI Facets Family Engagement Newsletter - Coming Soon!

Wisconsin’s Family Engagement Newsletter Submission Form

Use this fillable form for contributing articles, events, and resources. Send submittals to woverturf@wifacets.org Deadline for submitting contributions to an upcoming month’s issue is by the 10th of each month at noon for the next month’s issue. (For example, for the November issue, but October 10th). Material appropriate for the monthly newsletter include web links to sources of family involvement/parent leadership resources, advertisements for statewide trainings for parents, youth or parent/educator audiences, information about statewide parent agencies, recent research pertaining to family engagement, and family engagement success articles. Family engagement success or impact stories can be written at an individual or family level, classroom level, school building level, district level, county level, CESA level, etc.

2019 Newsletters

WI Facets Family Engagement Newsletter Feb. 2019
WI Facets Family Engagement Newsletter March. 2019
WI Facets Family Engagement Newsletter April, 2019

WI Facets Family Engagement Newsletter May 2019

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