Transportation Forms


Here are some forms you may need, related to transportation.

  • 4-Year-Old Kindergarten Release Form
  • Alternate Address Form
    This form is for a different pick up or drop off location, such as a babysitter or day care. Please read the form so you understand the policies that pertain to this request.
  • Dual Custody Form
    This form is for divorced parents that require transportation to both addresses. We also will need a copy of the divorce decree that stipulates "legal joint custody" along with the court seal and the judge's signature. Please read the form so you understand the policies that pertain to this request.
  • Change Request Form
    This form should be completed if you are requesting to move a bus stop location. Please keep in mind that if other students are at the stop, the stop will not be moved. Moreover, just because your student is the only one at the stop does not mean the stop will be moved. Stops are set up to make easy pick up and drop off of students and to maintain our straight line bus policy. Please read the form prior to making a request to change your bus stop location. 
  • Optional Transportation
    Wisconsin school laws permit school districts to provide transportation services for pupils not required to be transported under s.121.54. (The $300.00 fee will be waived for the 2021/2022 school year.) Optional Transportation can normally take up to 3rd Friday count to determine bus capacities.
  • General Transportation Concern Form
    This form is for if you have a transportation concern. This is a way of formally making it known that an issue exists and needs to be addressed.

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