Transportation Forms


Here are some forms you may need, related to transportation.

  • 4-Year-Old Kindergarten Release Form
  • Alternate Address Form (en español)
    This form is for a different pickup or drop-off location, such as a babysitter or daycare. Please read the form so you understand the policies that pertain to this request.
  • Dual Custody Form (en español)
    This form is for divorced parents that require transportation to both addresses. We also will need a copy of the divorce decree that stipulates "legal joint custody" along with the court seal and the judge's signature. Please read the form so you understand the policies that pertain to this request.
  • Change Form (en español)
    This form is used to request a change in a student's bus location due to a perceived unusually hazardous condition being present.  Please read our Frequently Asked Questions to obtain more information on this topic.
  • Optional Transportation (en español)

    Wisconsin school laws permit school districts to provide transportation services for pupils not required to be transported under s.121.54. 1. Must reside under 2 miles, live within the boundary of the school, and meet/understand all other criteria on the application form. NOTE: This option is NOT available at the beginning of the school year.  RUSD begins reviewing Optional Transportation requests after the 3rd Friday of the RUSD School year. This ensures legally required ridership has been implemented and time is given to determine if any student will not be utilizing RUSD-provided transportation.

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