Forward Exam


The Wisconsin Forward Exam is designed to gauge how well students are performing in relation to the Wisconsin Academic Standards. These standards outline what students should know and be able to do in order to be college and career-ready. This assessment tests the content areas of ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. This test is mandated by the state of Wisconsin and is administered to students in grades three through ten.
Time for administration: Test is untimed
Required by: State


These tools are available to all students and are based on student preference.

Embedded calculator
Click to Enlarge
Cross-off tool
Flag/mark for review

Line guide
Measuring tools
Review page

Sticky notes
Writer checklist
Graph paper
Scratch paper

Designated supports are those features that are available for use by any student for whom the need has
been indicated by an educator or team of educators (with parent/guardian and student input as
appropriate) and are part of the student’s classroom instruction.

Color choice
Color overlay
Contrast color
Reverse contrast
Stacked Translation

Amplification device
Noise buffers

Separate setting
Small group

Additional supports are available for those students with an IEP, please contact your student’s IEP team.

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