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Case Esports Team Wins State Title Second Year in a Row

Case Esports 2021
Case Esports 2021

This week we’re highlighting RUSD’s esports teams and their amazing performances in the Wisconsin High School Esports Association State Championships! 

For the second year in a row, the Case Legends’ performance in Super Smash Bros. earned them first place in Division 1. In Division 1 Overwatch, Park came in a proud second place, with Case and Horlick tying for third. 

In addition to the D1 competitions, Walden’s Esports Team finished third in Division 3 Overwatch. 

We congratulate all these teams for their success! A full list of the scholar gamers is below. 

Case High School: First Place Division 1 Smash Bros

  • Grayson Becker
  • John Wanggaard
  • Jeremiah Burgett
  • Anthony McGuff
  • John Michael Fisher


Park High School: Second Place Division 1 Overwatch

  • Hunter Schulte
  • Ramon Castro
  • Cameron Boley
  • Linkin Cain
  • Miles Evans-Turner
  • Anthony Torcivia
  • Josh Torcivia


Horlick High School: Third Place Division 1 Overwatch

  • Noah Schultz
  • Bastian Vincent
  • Aiden Hoaglund
  • Matthew Svoren
  • Antonio Orta
  • Katie Maccanelli
  • Conner Roome
  • Spencer Wood


Case High School: Third Place Division 1 Overwatch

  • Luke Navin
  • Riley Lingafelt
  • Jay Ziegler
  • Diego Sanchez
  • Richard Selbera
  • Leo Fox
  • Ariel Johnston
  • Em Hutchison
  • Robin Sexton
  • Jose Castillo


Walden III: Third Place Division 3 Overwatch

  • Riley Burchi
  • Jacob Singsank
  • Max Miller
  • Cleo Boman
  • Gavin Glasier
  • Mason Stiles

Walden ESports 2021


Park ESports 2021