School Closing Procedures


Below is information about emergency closing procedures that the Racine Unified School District follows. We realize that any change from the normal school schedule may cause some disruption. The below options will be utilized sparingly and only when conditions make such procedures absolutely necessary. It is very important, however, that you are prepared for such an emergency. Please make all necessary arrangements in advance for alternate supervision for your child/children in case of emergency closings. Our goal is to ensure care and safety for all students.

There are three possibilities for closing school, which may be considered based upon weather conditions:

Option #1 - Schools Closed: All Racine Unified schools will be closed for the day. No after-school activities occur on days when schools are closed.

Option #2 - Delayed Start - Two Hours: Schools will start two hours later than their usual starting time. Students who use school bus transportation should be at their assigned bus stop two hours later than normal. Students who walk should plan to arrive at their school two hours later than the normal arrival time. Students will be dismissed at their regular dismissal time at the end of the day.

Early Childhood and 4-Year-Old Half-Day Kindergarten:  When schools are delayed two hours, early childhood and 4K are not in session.

Option #3 - Early Dismissal: Dismissal time is determined based on weather and communicated to families as quickly as possible. No after school activities occur on early dismissal days. 

Thank you for your support as we prepare for emergency school closings.

Recess and School Door Opening Times

School doors should open early if:

  • The air temperature or wind chill is 10 degrees above or colder
  • Rain is falling
  • Heavy snow is falling or
  • Other extreme weather conditions prevail

However, students should not report to their classrooms until either the teacher is present or 11 minutes before classes are regularly scheduled to convene. Recess at elementary schools should also not be held during the above conditions.


If a parent deems the weather too dangerous for his/her child to be out, the parent has the right to request an excused absence for the child. If students are tardy due to cars not starting, etc., those excuses will be honored.

Snow Day Notifications

In the event of inclement weather, here’s how you can learn about school closures or modifications to the school day (e.g. delayed start, early release, etc.):

  • RUSD Website: Emergency notifications will be posted on our homepage.
  • Emergency Emails and Phone Calls
  • Text Message: Sign up to receive text messages by text 'Yes' to 67587.
    • You will receive a confirmation text letting you know you have opted-in to District text messages.
    • District text messages will also be sent out in Spanish. Please note that the program does not allow us to enter special characters. Therefore, messages will not have the following accent marks, á é í ó ú, ü, ¿ ¡.
  • Local Media: Emergency school closings, delays and early releases will also be communicated to local media including:
    • The Journal Times (
    • TMJ4 (Channel 4)
    • Fox 6 (Channel 6)
    • WISN 12 (Channel 12)
    • CBS 58 (Channel 58)
    • WRJN (1400 AM)
    • WGTD (91.1 FM)

Notificación de Días de Nieve

En caso de mal tiempo, usted puede hacer lo siguiente para informarse de los cambios que puede haber en la escuela respecto de clausura de la escuela u otras modificaciones (entrar a clases más tarde o salir más temprano, etc.)

  • Sitio web RUSD  (RUSD Website): Visite el sitio web RUSD. Las notificaciones de emergencia se publicarán en la página principal.
  • Mensajes de correos electrónicos de emergencia: Regístrese en la pagina web del Distrito para recibir mensajes de emergencia.
  • El mensaje de texto: Los padres/tutores se pueden inscribir mandando un mensaje de texto con “Y” o “Yes” al número de código corto de nuestra escuela, 67587.
    • Usted recibirá un mensaje de texto de confirmación dejándole saber que ha optado por recibir mensajes de texto del Distrito.

    • Los mensajes de texto del Distrito también serán enviados en español. Por favor tenga en cuenta que el programa no nos permite usar símbolos especiales. Por lo tanto, los mensajes no tendrán los siguientes símbolos y acentos, á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ¿, ¡.

  • Medios Locales: cierre de escuelas de emergencia, retrasos y salidas temprano también se comunicarán a través del diario y tv  locales
    • The Journal Times (
    • TMJ4 (Channel 4)
    • Fox 6 (Channel 6)
    • WISN 12 (Channel 12)
    • CBS 58 (Channel 58)
    • WRJN (1400 AM)
    • WGTD (91.1 FM)

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