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PCOC at Goodland

Educational Assistants

Name Email
April Garcia Whitten april.garciawhitten [at]
Heather Spaethe heather.spaethe [at]
PCOC at Goodland


Name Email
Ellen Petersen ellen.petersen [at]
RUSD Montessori

Educational Assistants

Name Email
Dawn Amundson dawn.amundson [at]
Katherine Coughlin katherine.coughlin [at]
Jennifer Cruz jennifer.cruz [at]
Mary Fornal mary.fornal [at]
Michelle Gregory michelle.gregory [at]
Tracy Kiesler tracy.kiesler [at]
Tanesha Miller tanesha.miller [at]
Jane Seggelink jane.seggelink [at]
Suzanne Sopczak suzanne.sopczak [at]
RUSD Montessori


Name Email
Danette Baker danette.baker [at]
Melissa Becker melissa.becker2 [at]
Michelle Beltz michelle.beltz [at]
Megan Bray megan.bray [at]
Anna Clark anna.clark [at]
Samuel Drewry samuel.drewry [at]
Loretta Dundore loretta.dundore [at]
Marianne Giannis marianne.giannis [at]
Patrick Girdaukas patrick.girdaukas [at]
Melissa Guzman melissa.guzman [at]
Jasmyne Hochtritt jasmyne.hochtritt [at]
Rachel Lochtefeld rachel.lochtefeld [at]
Melissa Pallin melissa.pallin [at]
Rachel Radewan rachel.radewan [at]
Paul Sanfelippo paul.sanfelippo [at]
Kymberly Smith kymberly.smith [at]
Ami Soni ami.soni [at]
Jessica Stricker jessica.stricker [at]
RUSD Montessori

Building & Grounds

Name Email
Robert Confer robert.confer [at]
Angelo DeBartolo angelo.debartolo [at]
Jack Kammien jack.kammien [at]
RUSD Montessori


Name Email
Lisa Dobrowski lisa.dobrowski [at]
Paige Ramirez paige.ramirez [at]
RUSD Montessori


Name Email
Lisa Johnson lisa.johnson [at]

News & Updates

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