Mitchell KnightDragon 2023



Purpose and Definition of Ambassador Program:

The role of the Academy Ambassador is to represent the Academies of Racine as a student leader in a positive, informative and professional manner.



Academy Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Positively represent the Academies of Racine at Gifford, Jerstad Agerholm and Mitchell when speaking with students, community members, families and school or district guests
  • Attend and participate in required Academy Ambassador meetings and Academy events as requested
  • Serve as an Ambassador in showcasing the Academies and school at various events inside and outside the school
  • Assist in community relation efforts through outreach opportunities inside and outside of the school
  • Provide information and answer questions where possible in regards to the Academies of Racine at Gifford, Jerstad Agerholm and Mitchell  in relation to Academies, Academy courses, school environment and other related topics
  • Conduct guided tours of the school to students and families, community members and sponsors of the Academies of Racine
  • Maintain consistent communication with Academy Coach 
  • Complete assigned Ambassador personal and professional leadership tasks 
  • Provide a student voice and perspective at Academies of Racine sponsored events and committees as volunteers, speakers and student representatives (At least 2 events per year)


Academy Ambassador Opportunities for Personal and Professional Growth

  • Practice and improve personal and public communication and leadership skills
  • Learn to advocate on behalf of self and others
  • Practice and develop 21st Century skills