Remote Learning Schedules


SPECIAL NOTE: When the option for in-person learning resumes on March 1, the Start/Dismissal times for seven elementary schools will be altered to accommodate for social distancing on buses. Please click here to view the schedules that will begin on March 1.

Those elementary schools and new Start/Dismissal time are:
Dr. Jones - (9:20/4:11)
Janes - (9:05/3:56)
Giese - (9:00/3:51)
Olympia Brown - (9:05/3:56)
S.C. Johnson - (9:20/4:11)
Schulte - (9:20/4:11)
West Ridge - (9:15/4:06)

Please click here to view more information for these schools.

Remote Learning Schedules

Below are RUSD's Smart Start 2020 remote learning daily schedules for all grade levels. Each schedule starts at the same time for all schools to help families with multiple students manage school schedules. Because of this, there is no need to recall building start and end times as all learning will begin at 8:00 a.m. It is important that we continue to educate the whole child, so you will see time in the schedule for academics as well as electives, specialists and social and emotional learning. 

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The schedules include synchronous time (time that is face-to-face, live streaming with the teacher) as well as asynchronous time (time that is not with a teacher and is used to complete assignments). “Office hours” are also included in these daily schedules. Office hours are time when teachers can provide individual or small group help or instruction to students. If your student does not need extra assistance or if it is not his/her turn for small group that day, the student can log off for a break during the outlined office hour times. In the coming weeks, our child's school and/or teacher(s) will be in touch with more information. 

Attendance Requirements

We have adjusted attendance guidelines for how attendance will be taken by teachers during remote learning. Click here to review updated guidelines. On occasions in which your child is unable to participate in synchronous (live) online learning, please inform your child’s school as soon as you are able. All other attendance reporting or questions will be the same as previous years. For example, if your child is ill and cannot participate in remote learning, please call your school’s attendance line and report your child’s absence.

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