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Knapp Title I


Title I is a federal program that provides funds to school districts and schools to support a variety of services. At Knapp, we are fortunate to have three literacy teachers and a full time Title educational assistant. These highly qualified teachers work daily with small groups of students to provide interventions that meet specific literacy needs, thus filling any gaps in a student's skills and moving them forward.  

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reading 4As a Title school, families have access to free learning tools such as workbooks, grade level books, games, adult ed classes and events at the Knapp Family Resource Center. You can access our center via door 13 located on 17th Street.

 Family Resource Center at Knapp

Top 10 Reasons to Visit

  1. Enjoy a cup of coffee
  2. Check your email
  3. Online Banking
  4. Job Searching
  5. Read the paper
  6. Educational Games
  7. Family Book Club Kits
  8. Audio Books
  9. K4 - Grade 8 books, practice materials, manipulatives
  10. Resources available in English & Spanish


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