Knapp Elementary

Our Vision, Mission and Pledge


OmarriOur Vision

Our Vision as The Knapp Elementary Community School is to become THE premier full service community school provider in Racine. With the support of the United Way of Racine County, we will reconceive education as a coordinated, child-centered initiative in which schools, families and communities work together to enhance students' educational success. 

Our Mission

Our Mission as the Knapp Elementary Community School is to provide a welcoming, fun and attractive setting for community members to utilize before, during and after school. Through the combined efforts of the Racine Unified School District, United Way of Racine County, and the community members of Greater Racine, we will strategically combine high quality instructional practices with accessible services, and key partnerships to ensure every family and every child is afforded an equitable opportunity at goal attainment. We believe these concerted efforts will improve the culture and climate of our school and neighborhood and have a positive, lasting impact on our students' overall academic outcomes.

Knapp Clipper Code

At Knapp Elementary everyday,

We persevere in every way.
We are responsible for the things we do.
Challenge ourselves and encourage others too.
When the work gets hard,
And the Waves get rough,
We'll support each other,
Because we're clippers tough.