Racine Alternative


RAL Grads

"Art at RAE has changed every aspect of my life! I came here with lack of understanding! Understanding about school, understanding about life, and most of all about myself. RAE has changed me forever. How? Every person, student, and staff has not only helped me with school, but also in finding myself. I came to RAE ashamed of a lot of things that make me who I am. I have a history of mental health issues. I thought mental health issues made me crazy, but Ms. Goers taught me that these traits make me human.  She is my mentor, and if I had the opportunity to be that to someone else I'd feel accomplished and important. I've always wanted to work with Special Education students, and to do so with my mentor, Ms. Goers, would be an amazing opportunity for me. Not only will I have the person that changed my life to guide me, but I’ll be able to give back to students at RAE. Art makes me more comfortable than any other class, because in art you can’t fail. Art is about reflecting on yourself, on your life, and than finding your purpose. If I can positively change the way an individual views life, all the extra hours in art class will be more than worth it. Life is about giving back everything you were given. I would love the opportunity to give back to the school that has given me so much."  

 J.C., 2016

Our staff found this in the kitchen recently from one of our students.

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