Staff Member of the Week


Please join us in celebrating our staff member of the week!

Mr. Greg Carroll - Week of March 28, 2022
Congratulations to Mr. Greg Carroll, one of our 2nd shift custodians, for being named the Staff Member of the Week! Mr. Carroll is not only great at his job, but makes it a priority to engage with our staff and students whenever he gets the chance. He undoubtedly has a positive impact on our school culture, by demonstrating kindness and care for his colleagues. Greg has been part of the Wadewitz staff for the past three years, and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a bad mood! Please make sure you help me congratulate Greg this week and let him know how much we appreciate him at Wadewitz!

Mr. Jensen - Week of March 21, 2022
Congratulations to Mr. Jensen for being named our Staff Member of the week! Mr. Jensen offers so much to our building including: being an awesome Phy Ed teacher that incorporates SEL lessons into competitive games, has taken on a leadership role on our Culture & Environment team and commits to a variety of other roles (like visiting with and supervising students before school on the front lawn)! We are lucky to have him be a part of the Wadewitz team, when you see him this week please join me in congratulating him!

Mr. Haselhuhn and Mrs. Henningfeld - Week of March 14, 2022
Congratulations to Mr. Haselhuhn and Mrs. Henningfeld for being named our Encore 2021-22 award winners! As I stated at our meeting Thursday, it was very difficult to select only two individuals from a staff of over 100! We are very lucky to have both of this individuals as teammates. Similarly, they are both tremendous team players, colleagues and put student needs first. Well done Mr. H and Mrs. Henningfeld!

Sra. Velez - Week of March 7, 2022
Congratulations Sra. Velez on being named our staff member of the week! Sra. Velez has done an amazing job of building and sustaining a strong classroom culture within room 26. When visiting the classroom, students are engaged and working on fun projects. Last week, room 26 hosted a Fun Friday talent show! I’m sure her class is itching for the weather to warm up so they can get back into the garden! We appreciate the regular communication she provides to her families and how they work collaboratively to support the students. Keep up the great work Sra. Velez!

Mrs. Hetchler - Week of February 28, 2022
Congratulations Mrs. Hetchler on being named Staff Member of the Week! In addition to being a terrific asset to our building as an ESL teacher, Mrs. Hetchler also puts a lot of work in behind the scenes as one of our testing coordinators. Personally, I am very appreciative of her “team first” mindset and her willingness to help out in a variety of capacities during this unorthodox school year. Thank you Mrs. Hetchler for all you bring to our school community!

Mr. Gonzales - Week of February 21, 2022
Congratulations to Mr. Gonzales on being named our ‘Staff Member of the Week.’ Mr. G makes several great contributions to our building! He has a knack for building a strong rapport with his students that is rooted in high expectations and respect. This year, he has notably balanced serving in a ‘utility’ role servicing his students while also filling in seamlessly when called upon to cover regular education classes. Mr. G also stepped up and was willing to provide homebound services for one of our students and intends to coach our 5th grade basketball team. Keep up the great work Mr. G!

Ms. Faz - Week of February 7, 2022
Sra. Faz - Congratulations to Sra. Faz on being named our Staff Member of the Week! Any time you enter room 30, it becomes apparent very quickly that the students are having fun learning, there is a strong understanding of classroom routines / procedures and a family-like culture. Sra. Faz and Educational Assistant, Venesa Maldonado are also doing a terrific job of impacting literacy skills acquisitions with their students. Nearly 70% of their students are performing in the ‘orange to green’ range of NCEE letter sounds data (‘Should achieve proficiency with consistent focused instruction - ‘ready to read’). Keep up the great work!!

Ms. Penny (Ms Thompson) - Week of January 31, 2022
Ms. Penny, Educational Assistant - Congratulations to ‘Ms. Penny’ on being named Staff Member of the Week. Penny is a terrific asset to our building in so many ways. Notably, it starts with her obvious care and passion for the students she serves. She often demonstrates the perfect balance of nurturing and holding students to high standards. Her leadership has been relied on heavily within Room 16 this year. Please join me in congratulating her!

Ms. Vasquez - Week of January 24, 2022
Ms. Vasquez (3rd Grade Dual Language) - Please join me in congratulating Ms. Vasquez on being named staff member of the week. Her ability to establish a strong classroom culture is amazing! To give a specific example, earlier this year we received an influx of transfer students from another Dual Language School. Ms. Vasquez and her students seamlessly transitioned and welcomed these children to our community. Her students are engaged and demonstrate mastery of several building wide expectations. Thank you Marisol for all you bring to our community!

Ms. Prewitt - Week of December 13, 2021
Congratulations to Ms. Prewitt for being awarded staff member of the week.  Her consistency and versatility are incredibly appreciated.  She takes on every challenge thrown her way and does so all while exemplifying a high degree of nurturing, care and encouragement for all students within our community.  Please make a point when you run into her this week to share your appreciation in person, we are lucky to have her!

Mrs. Pascucci - Week of November 15, 2021
Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Pascucci on being named Staff Member of the Week!  Mrs. Pascucci is ahead of the curve when it comes to new approaches of teaching and engaging students.  She is setting each child up to learn at their own level and helping them to find fun in reading and learning.  Her class is a joy to visit and her consistency and organization is evident!

Ms. Meteyard - Week of November 8, 2021
Please join me in congratulating Ms. Meteyard on being named Staff Member of the Week!  The balance of structure, routine, and rigor in room 28 is always on display!  Under Ms. Meteyard’s leadership, students are having fun while learning about the foundational aspects of literacy. Her classroom community is well established and Ms. Meteyard works hard to establish consistent two-way communication with families rooted in honest feedback.  One of her ‘Super Powers’ is exhibiting patience and poise no matter what her students throw her way!  Her ability to collaborate with colleagues and advocate for her students are also strengths she brings to our community.  Thank you for all you do Ms. Meteyard!

Mrs. Wirsching - Week of November 1, 2021
Mrs. Wirsching is an exceptional educator who thrives at building classroom community.  The leadership she provides to her amazing staff, and their collective commitment to providing ‘voice’ and engagement to their students is awesome to see first hand.  We appreciate her ability to effectively collaborate with her colleagues (several related service providers, educational assistants and specialists).  It is really cool to see her professionalism and attention to detail on full display during IEP meetings as well, one of the many reasons she has earned the trust and has great relationships with her families.  Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Wirsching as our Staff Member of the Week!

Mr. McCarthy - Week of October 25, 2021
Mr. McCarthy has been doing a terrific job of building and sustaining an awesome classroom culture!  Several of his students are making strides in the area of maturity and leadership skills.  For example, several students from his class have been volunteering to help out our engineering staff with the clean-up and breakdown of the cafeteria.  Mr. McCarthy is here every day for his class and this consistency is making an impact!  Please join me in congratulating him on this accomplishment!

Ms. Fitch - Week of October 18, 2021
Ms. Fitch was nominated by a colleague for demonstrating leadership skills within her classroom, being willing and flexible to support her students in a variety of ways (including swimming with them!). She also demonstrates professionalism when communicating with our related service providers and is very nurturing with the children. Thank you Ms. Fitch, we are very fortunate to have you on our team!

Mrs. Geiss - Week of October 11, 2021
Mrs. Geiss has been going ‘above and beyond’ in a variety of different ways. In addition to her teaching duties, Mrs. Geiss has been assisting and helping out in Mrs. Cooper’s class during her prep times. We appreciate you and your efforts! Mrs. Geiss (and future staff members of the week) will be receiving a ‘special prize’ in your staff mailbox as a token of our appreciation! Please join me in congratulating her!