The Bull Early Education Center specializes in developmentally appropriate practices, ensuring that goals and experiences are suited to young children's  learning and development and challenging enough to promote their progress and interest.  Developmentally Appropriate Practice:

  • is grounded in research on how young children learn;
  • provides connection to real-world experiences and opportunities to gain knowledge and skills through hands-on learning;
  • prepares children for future learning; and
  • acknowledges the role of play in learning and development.

Play is a huge component of any high quality early learning experience.  Play does the following:

  • Helps your child build background knowledge, imagination, and rational thought that enables academic skill development.
  • Provides opportunities for your child to use language and math concepts.
  • Helps your child develop executive functioning and the ability to self-regulate.
  • Helps your child improve his/ her behavior and attention. 

Foundational literacy and numeracy skills are also taught by our highly qualified staff and are experienced and practiced through play.

Play Based Learning