Early Childhood Classrooms


Our early childhood special education classrooms offer instruction that is individualized to meet the specific needs/goals of each student. Students are placed into our early childhood classrooms based on an IEP team decision. 

In our Early Childhood classrooms instruction is provided through a play based, developmentally appropriate teaching approach.  Students discover and problem solve through hands-on exploration. Students are placed into our early childhood classrooms based on an IEP team decision.

In our speech and language classroom, students are provided constant opportunities for students to develop their overall communication skills with same-aged peers during structured and unstructured activities.  Specific language, vocabulary, fluency and articulation skill-building activities are built into the day through routine, play, stories, music and movement, technology, large and small group interactions, hands-on manipulation and peer modeling.  The goals of the program include:
1) increasing verbal interactions with peers and adults,
2) developing social skills and self-help skills,
3) providing developmentally appropriate activities while targeting specific speech-language goals, including sounds, language forms, vocabulary and concepts,
4) building relationships with parents, and
5) providing education and activities to support speech and language growth at home.

In our phonological classroom students are provided intensive, individualized speech sound therapy in a classroom environment.  Children learn the correct manners of producing speech sounds through play.