4-Year-Old Kindergarten


The Bee Center has six 4-year-old kindergarten classrooms.  Two classrooms are ½ programs and 4 classrooms are full day.  The ½ classrooms are 3 hours in length and are co-taught with a regular education and a special education teacher.  The special education students get placed into these classrooms based on the  IEP team decision. The Dual language classroom is a half day program.  Students enrolled in the dual-language classroom are exposed to the Spanish language 90% of their day. Staff support students using visuals, spoken language, and provide play opportunities where the Spanish language can be utilized and enhanced. All students in the 4k classrooms use a play-based curriculum that allows for exploration through hands-on learning as well as social-emotional development.   Students increase their social skills, practice problem solving, and build positive relationships with peers and adults.