Pyramid Model


What is a Pyramid Model Classroom?

A Pyramid Model classroom is an environment that is focused on promoting social-emotional development and school readiness for young children. In a Pyramid Model Classroom you will find: 

  • Hands-on, engaging activities that interest children
  • Picture schedule and visual supports
  • Rules and expectations that are posted and reviewed frequently
  • Positive and descriptive feedback to children
  • Adults teaching and using feeling words
  • Adults teaching and encouraging children in self-directed problem-solving solutions
  • Children learning and using strategies to deal with anger
    Click HERE to watch this Department of Instruction video featuring our RUSD Pyramid Model practices in action.

Benefits of a Pyramid Model Classroom

  • Fosters positive and supportive relationships between teachers, children and families
  • Establishes program-wide expectations that are clear and consistent
  • Promotes social and emotional development for children
  • Reduces challenging behavior
  • Develops skills that can be used throughout their K-12 Years
  • Provides developmentally appropriate and evidence-based practices


Buzzy Bee is our mascot for expectations (Be safe! Be kind!)

Buzzy Bee

Tucker Turtle helps us deal with our anger management

Tucker Turtle

Super Friend shows us what it means to be a good friend

Super Friend