Gilmore Fine Arts

Gilmore Drama Troupe


The Drama Troupe provides an in-depth experience with acting, voice and movement, characterization and general performance skills (makeup, costuming or props).

The instructional theme is student's ability to interact with peers and the environment while interpreting an author's words. The children engage in various theater performance activities and read from a printed script during the audition. The group consists of 10-15 students. At least one play or musical will be performed for students' peers, families, other schools and the community.

Drama Troupe Requirements: 

  • Characterization
  • Quick and consistent memorization of lines and blocking
  • Self-directed and motivated in the dramatic arts
  • Ability to take direction without argument
  • Voice qualities such as projection, articulation and expression
  • Stage presence
  • Aptness for dramatic, comedic or musical role
  • Vocal ability for musical productions