The R.E.A.L. School

The R.E.A.L. School Guiding Philosophy


The success of The R.E.A.L. School as indicated by testing measures, student and parent satisfaction and staff climate surveys, are evidence of its effectiveness.

There are several key elements to the guiding philosophy of The R.E.A.L. School.


Staff members have the freedom to experiment and explore different ways to deliver instruction and cover the curriculum. In this way, The R.E.A.L. School philosophy is ever changing. Each teacher has the freedom to bring to the school their own uniqueness. The answer to a teacher who wants to try something different is always, “How can we make this happen?” Students are free to bring their own uniqueness and abilities and find ways to build upon those strengths. Staff members encourage students to develop opportunities to share and improve upon their strengths.

Student Ownership

Students who take ownership in their education will be accountable for their work, take pride in their school, protect their opportunity for a quality education and pass on the values necessary to keep a school successful for years to come. This is what is expected of student at The R.E.A.L. School. All staff members help students learn to take ownership of their education. Students are given the opportunity to get engaged in the daily operation of the school. They are taught the value of giving and helping others through various activities. Valuing ownership is considered a key extension to a successful college experience. Additionally, staff members take ownership through participating in site-based management, actively communicating about student and school issues and working together to achieve student success.

The Family Concept

A “family” concept is promoted throughout The R.E.A.L. School program. Homegroup teachers serve as advocates for their own students, a surrogate parent in the school. The homegroup teacher helps guide his/her students through the difficult transitions of being a teenager. Throughout the course of a school day, the challenges that arise can be discussed and solved using communication styles and expectations that are indicative of a healthy family. Family values and the notion of the “school family” are reinforced often.

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