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How do the classes work?

Classes work asynchronously. So instead of having to sit in front of a computer and listen to your teacher lecture, you have your list of assignments you will need to accomplish during the day, and you can work on those things as you want on that day. The teachers will be available should you have any questions or concerns about an assignment. You will also know what is due ahead of time! So that will let you plan what you need to work on all week.

Are there quarters, semesters, trimesters?

Courses are a semester in length. However, students may work at their own pace and complete a course early. Or in extenuating circumstance, courses may be extended longer than a semester.

When do my classes start?

After completing an online orientation, student courses may begin at almost any time of the year. This is what an asynchronous experience is like when everyone is working at their own pace.

Do I have to provide my own computer? Internet?

The Racine Unified School District provides Chromebooks for all students, including those in our virtual program. Internet access to the home can also be provided for families in need.

Am I also enrolled in my home school?

Students in the Racine Unified School District Virtual Program are a part of the Racine Alternative Education program.

Am I still allowed to attend school events such as prom, homecoming, dances, and sporting events?

Absolutely! And if you want to participate in extra curricular activities in your home school, we can arrange that as well, too.

Do I still need to take the ACT, MAP, or other exams required by Racine Unified School District?


How are classes graded?

Classes are graded the same as they would be in the face to face classroom.

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