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Welcome to Our Parents & Guardians

In Wisconsin, you have more choices than ever when it comes to your child's education. Open enrollment laws allow public school students access to resources from districts around the state.

The Online Environment

Courses are structured similarly to face-to-face classes including a sequence of learning but in a structure that allows our students the ability to work at their own pace within the 16 week semester. Students communicate with their teacher in a variety of ways:

  • email
  • chat sessions
  • phone/text
  • virtual meetings

Also, we provide students with a series of online orientation activities they complete to help ensure they are comfortable navigating online.

Student Supports

We understand for many, learning online is a new experience. We have multiple layers of support to help students experience success.

  • An assigned mentor teacher who meets face to face with the student
  • An online orientation
  • A full time virtual learning coordinator
  • An easy to navigate course design and structure consistent through the entire program regardless of the teacher or class
  • Knowledgeable and trained teachers along with the student's counselor

Parent & Guardian Supports

We understand that learning online is a new experience for parents and guardians, too. We are also here to support our parents and guardians to provide a positive experience. Some immediate tips to help engage students in online learning and promote their success include:

  • Introduce yourself to your student's assigned mentor teacher
  • Discuss your student's progress daily
  • Encourage your student to find an organized and comfortable place to work
  • Evaluate your student's time management strategies
  • Have your student teach you something they learned
  • Invite your student to show you their work inside Genius, BrainHoney and Buzz
  • Help your student self-advocate for themselves

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