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How We Work


Four Steps to Success


1. Get your Plan

Technology is a tool, not a solution. We will meet with you to map your challenges and develop a plan that works for everyone, from help managing your unique needs to distance learning and everything in between.

2. Start Onboarding

(for everyone)

Success is a team sport. We help every stakeholder—teachers, online mentor, parents, administrators, and community members—visualize and understand their role in your success. Our team will ensure you are comfortable with the technology—and that everything is set up and ready to go.


3. Make a Schedule

Virtual learning happens in synchronous and asynchronous ways. Depending on your child's learning style, you they need more group time with a teacher, and sometimes they may want to work alone. Having a schedule though makes sure there is a structure to everyday success and a normal pattern to the day, like we have in our face to face classrooms.

4. Build Toward Success

The shift to a full time virtual program builds upon every day success. Your child's team has access to the help, support and expertise it needs to ensure your child gets the attention and services they deserve, from wherever they learn. We will meet your child where they are at to provide a personal experience that centers around them.



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