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S.C. Johnson Music


Mission Statement

Students will develop and foster a lifelong appreciation, love and understanding of music in a safe, engaging, and engaging environment.  They will develop basic musicianship skills and academic music vocabulary through singing, movement, playing instruments, and composition.  Most importantly, students will experience positive social interactions to promote imagination, creativity, joy, and positive self-esteem to become active members in their community.


  • Music Class - 4K students receive a minimum of 20 minutes a week while Kindergarten-5th Grade receives a minimum of 45 minutes a week.

  • Performance -  All SCJ students have the opportunity to participate in an annual holiday concert (in December). In the spring 5th grade has an opportunity to be a member of the cast, crew, or set designers in the annual musical. 4th/5th grade students will also have to opportunity to participate in a special choir that will perform at the holiday concert.

  • Instruments - All grades will play a variety of classroom instruments throughout the year. In the spring, 3rd grade will learn the recorder and 4th/5th grade will learn how to play the ukulele!

  • Technology - Students have access to iPads to support learning/practicing music concepts, composing, and creative play!

  • Guest Performances & Field-Trips: Every spring 5th grade students attend a district sponsored field trip to see the Racine Symphony Orchestra. All students at SCJ will get to experience a variety of guest performance groups from the district and community throughout the school year.

Instrumental Music

Students also have the opportunity to join orchestra (4th grade) and band (5th grade).