Walden III

Walden III R.O.P.E.


Every senior at Walden III must go through the Rite of Passage Experience (R.O.P.E.) to graduate at Walden. This requirement is one factor that makes Walden different from other area high schools and most high schools in the United States.

Students begin to gather information starting in 9th grade.  They collect and gather information in areas of achievement, volunteer opportunities, reading books toward the requirement and many other areas that contribute toward the ROPE process. 

R.O.P.E. is designed to measure competency in terms of actual mastery, not just by credits of standardized test scored in a limited number of areas. During the first semester of their senior year, students are assigned the R.O.P.E. course to help prepare them to meet these requirements. The R.O.P.E. class is required and is taken for credit.

R.O.P.E. Manual

The Three Components of R.O.P.E.

1. The Written Portfolio

The senior's portfolio will be the culmination/collection of high school course work. The portfolio is a unique opportunity for the senior to take an in-depth look at oneself - past, present, and future. It will also serve as a useful outline and basis for the oral presentations later in the school year. 

2. The Senior Thesis

An argumentative paper will be written on any topic of the senior's choice with the approval of the R.O.P.E. seminar teacher, home group teacher, and thesis advisor. The topic will be chosen at the beginning of the second quarter when the R.O.P.E. teacher will give assistance in the actual writing. The paper is an opportunity for students to explore individual interests in areas of foreign language, psychology, sociology, art, music, language arts, history, science and math. This paper will be defended before the senior's R.O.P.E. English content evaluator.

3. Oral Presentation

The following areas will be presented to the individual R.O.P.E. content evaluator(s). Students in all areas, where it is appropriate, should include current events. Passing the oral presentations is required for graduation. Successfully completing these presentations will also result in the earning of the R.O.P.E. medal on the evening of the ceremony.

  • English
  • Human Relations (ethics)
  • Mathematics
  • Professional Proficiency
    • Every Day Living Skills
    • Individual Assessment
  • Science
  • Fine Art
  • Geography
  • History


Contact Craig Faris at craig.faris@rusd.org or Jenny Jackson at jennifer.jackson@rusd.org