Walden III

Principal's Message


Welcome to Walden!

Walden III was founded on the belief that students should be a part of the decisions which affect them at school.  Walden students demonstrate high levels of responsibility, self-direction, initiative and cooperation. Each student is expected to contribute toward making Walden a more friendly, positive learning environment.  Walden's commitment to non-violence is a tradition that has been an integral part of its philosophy since the school's inception in 1972.  Students are expected to solve problems amicably.  Any student violating the district's code of student responsibility may be removed from Walden and returned to their home school.


Through the "process of discovery" ALL Walden students will graduate and be prepared to attend a postsecondary institution of higher learning if they choose to do so. 


Walden's mission is to:

  • be student-centered and staff driven
  • add educational value to each student's life
  • use individualized student performance assessment
  • find ways to motivate each student
  • hold ourselves to the expectations of the Coalition of Essential Schools
  • create a family atmosphere and develop a relationship with the students and their parents/guardians in order to reach educational goals
  • set local, sate and national benchmarks for success  


We hold deep beliefs about our uncommon school.  Our primary purpose is to help young people become excited, effective lifelong learners.  We must provide alternative forms of education, making success more accessible to all students.  We must create an environment where scholarship is continually validated, where striving for excellence is acclaimed by all and mutual respect is the order of every day.  Structure is something carried within and for which each individual is responsible.  School should be based more on research than traditional practices. 

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Jeff Sturdevant