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Yearbook Snapshots and Survey - Week 3


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9th-11th Grade Student Portraits due on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 !


  • This year only 9th-11th grade students will submit their own student portraits for the yearbook.
  • The student portraits DO NOT have to be done by a professional photographer. 
  • Only photos submitted by the deadline will be guaranteed for print in the yearbook. 
  • Upload photos by following the directions at this site:  YrBk2021
  • Please, only submit ONE photo.
  • Selfies ARE NOT accepted.
  • Photos and names deemed inappropriate will NOT be used in the yearbook
  • Attire and Background is up to the individual in the photo. 
    • However, school policies and dress code apply, and therefore, if there are any inappropriate images submitted, they will NOT be used in the yearbook. You will receive an email stating as much if this is the case. 
  • The photo must be a headshot (elbows and up). 
    • You may have a prop in the photo, but know that if the image is more than a headshot, it will be cropped accordingly. 
  • The photo needs to be a 2x3 image in size or 400x600 pixels.


Hello Horlick Students, 


This year sure is unique and our yearbook will reflect that! We need your help to create this year's book!


Throughout this semester, Yearbook staff will be sending out surveys for all students to participate in. Your responses and contributions may be used in our yearbook. 


You can participate in as many surveys as you'd like. Surveys will be available for roughly one week before they are closed. 


We will send out emails with access to the surveys, but you can access them any time at our google site: YrBk2021


We hope you participate and contribute to helping us document a school year that is unlike anything else!  


Here are this week's surveys:


Can't Live Without



Thank you, 

Yearbook Staff