Horlick High

Horlick Student Deliveries


Learn the rules surrounding deliveries made to students.

Flowers, Balloons, etc.

Please refrain from having deliveries made to students during the school day (flowers, balloons, etc.)

Due to some students having severe floral and latex allergies, students should not be receiving and/or and carrying around flowers, latex balloons, and/or mylar balloons during the school day.

In the event a delivery is made during school hours, flowers and/or balloons will be kept in the Main Office where the student can pick them up at the end of the school day. Thank you.


Students are not allowed to have Door Dash, Grub Hub, or other food deliveries during school.


Lunch is closed campus for the 2020 - 2021 School year (meaning students in all grades are not allowed to leave for lunch). For students attending school in-person, all students receive free lunch for this school year.


With the exception of a parent/guardian dropping off a bag lunch, students should not have food delivered during the school day (pizza, subs, etc...).

The school cafeteria offers many choices each day for students to choose from. Thank you.