Gifford School

Gifford Veteran's Day Program


On Friday, November 11, we had our annual Veteran’s Day Program. We were very excited to have about fifty veterans visit our school, including 3 WWII veterans. Our students invited all of the veterans, which are their parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles. Inviting them also sparked conversations at home with family members as well that may not have taken place if we didn’t have such an event.

There were 3 assemblies that day. The middle school students had an opportunity to listen to 4 different veterans. One veteran was currently serving in the military, two were Vietnam veterans, and one was a WWII veteran. They each gave our students a different insight as to what it means to be a veteran and the different types of jobs that are available in the military.

The two elementary assemblies gave our students an opportunity to understand the history and meaning behind Veteran’s Day through a play that some of our sixth graders took part in. We recognized the veterans in the audience by having them stand when their service song was played. Throughout the afternoon, some of our veterans visited classrooms and shared some of their knowledge and experiences with the students.

The Veteran’s Day Assembly really brings history alive for our students.  Thank you to all of our veterans for taking the time out of your schedule to spend time with us! We truly appreciate it! If it weren’t for our veterans, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have today.

We had some special visitors to room 224 on veteran's Day. They answered all our questions about life in the military. We followed that visit up with a project that taught us the branches of the military and what their jobs entail.

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