Gifford School

Course Descriptions- CTE Courses


Course Descriptions- ACADEMY and CTE COURSES

6th Grade Seminar is a class that will introduce students to what it means to be a middle school student and a good citizen within the community.  

7th Grade Survey is a class that will expose students to all of the available high school career pathways through a curriculum developed by RUSD high school pathway teachers. This course will help to spark interest in specific areas and prepare them to make their pathway choice when they get to high school. 

8th Grade Capstone Students will meet a real community need.  Students will explore the different means of how to identify real community needs. Students will then actively participate in thoughtfully organized service projects that address the needs of the community they have identified.


Business Education

Introduction to Business/Entrepreneurship

In this course, students will learn the basics in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Business Terminology, Business Concepts, Current Business Issues and the Stock Market


In this course, students will learn about the Marketing Mix, Target Market, Demographics, Psychographics and Geographics, and also design and graphics for print quali-ty publications.

Project Lead The Way Computer Science for Innovators

In this course, students will learn basic keyboarding skills, Google Application, keyboarding shortcuts, e-mail, coding and identifying computer parts.


Family and Consumer Education


Students experience the culinary process of planning, prepping, practicing techniques, cooking, tasting and clean-up. They experience labs like measuring, baking, and cooking eggs.


This course will examine child development within the context of the early childhood education setting with children ages birth to 3. Competencies include: analyze careers, developmental stages, qualities of child care providers, problem-solving skills with children, childcare guidelines, and create activities for children.

Introduction to Health Science Careers

Using directional and medical terminology, students will practice healthcare communication while exploring the basic structures and functions of the human body systems. Students will begin to learn about the various careers that make up the healthcare team. While learning the concepts of the chain of infection, students will have the opportunity to become trained on bloodborne pathogens and hands-only CPR training and First aid for basic medical emergency situations.


Technology Education

Construction and Fabrication

Students will learn the industry standards, how to develop a plan for a small project and how to safely and efficiently see that plan to completion.

Engineering and Prototyping

Students will learn how to properly identify and use a broad range of terminology, concepts and tools as they develop an understanding of the what, why and how of engineering and design.


Students will learn various forms of transportation and its role in society. It will focus on basic repairs, measuring, and basic concepts of operation.