Case High

Case Daily Learning Focus


The Daily Learning Focus (DLF) is a school initiative to increase literacy for our students and therefore improve ACT scores. Each week teachers post the ACT vocabulary word, Literacy focus, and PBIS focus up in their room along with their Daily Objectives and Success Criteria.  Teachers then incorporate these focuses into their lessons for the week.

Through consistency and repetition, students will increase their literacy by increasing their vocabulary and strategies for comprehension.  Along with this information, each department has a poster (similar to the one at the right) posted in their rooms to remind students of our daily focuses and to show them the department's commitment to learning.  A copy of each department's poster with their commitment to learning can be viewed on their department site.

Below you will find an explanation of each area:

  • Daily Objectives:  the standard or skill that the teacher will cover in the lesson for the day (the objective may cover several days)
  • Success Criteria:  how students will know that they have reached that objective
  • Monthly Literacy Focus:  each month a literacy strategy is posted that will help students to raise their comprehension by being able to find and understand information in all form of texts that they will read.  Some examples of focuses are finding the main idea, sequence of events, or comparing and contrasting.
  • Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies (P.B.I.S.) Focus:  the area lists the lesson of the week that is covered in our homerooms.  Students are expected to participate in the lesson and practice the strategies learned.
  • ACT Word of the Week:  each week a new word is posted with the definition and the prefix, root, and suffixes of the word to aid in students understanding.  Each department chooses how to incorporate the word into their lesson.  For example, freshmen English teachers expect students to write down the word and parts and use them in a vocabulary lesson to practice using the word.