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Dances are a fun memory in a high school student's life.  A lot of work goes into preparing dances for students to have the best time possible.  To ensure that everyone has a good time at a dance, rules have been established to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment. 

The following RUSD rules can be found in the Student Code of Conduct handbook under Student Dance Policies.

Dance Policies for All RUSD High Schools

It is understood that student dances are a privilege and not a right. To that end, these policies have been put into effect for the appropriate enjoyment for all attendees. Violation of rules requiring student removal from the dance will be done without a refund. Any behavior demonstrated at a dance that leads to a school suspension will result in being banned from further participation from dances for the school year. Any student who is ineligible to participate in dances, due to a behavioral violation or if a student does not meet the criteria outlined below for being considered in Good Standing, may utilize a school-based appeal process. Contact your principal to find out how to file an appeal.

All School Dances

  1. Middle School students and guests over the age of 20 are not permitted to attend High School dances.
  2. High School students and guests over the age of 20 are not permitted to attend Middle School dances.
  3. Inappropriate and/or sexually explicit dancing is not permitted and could result in dismissal from the dance. Whatever an administrator and/or chaperone deems inappropriate and/or indecent will not be permitted.
  4. All attendees must have a picture ID to enter.
  5. Appropriate dress is required. Appropriate dress is defined by this Code of Rights and Responsibilities in the section titled Dress Code Policy. Appropriate dress for school dances may also include independent school level expectations, i.e: no jeans or street shoes.
  6. Guest attendance is up to the discretion of the school administration. The appropriate approval form must be completed and on file in order for a guest to attend.
  7. All fines and fees must be paid.

Student Eligibility Requirements

A student must be in Good Standing in order to be eligible to attend any school dance. Good standing may be identified by the following criteria, each semester:

Academic: Passing all classes. No failing grades.

Attendance: Students must maintain at least 90% attendance for the time period leading up to the dance.

Behavior: Students must maintain consistent appropriate conduct. Appropriate conduct is identified by having no Out of School suspensions at a Level 3 or higher.

If the student is in Good Standing a dance permit may be obtained. Dance permits are required in order to purchase a ticket.

​Additional Policies for Prom


  1. As expected for all dances, a student must be in Good Standing, as identified above.
  2. Must have at least 17 credits by the start of the fourth quarter or administrator confirmation that they are on track to graduate with their cohort.
    If the student is in Good Standing, a permit may be obtained. Dance permits are required in order to purchase a ticket.


  1. All RUSD guest attendees are required to follow the same rules for student attendees as listed above.
  2. No student who has dropped out of school may attend
  3. Credit Requirement upon acquisition of the dance permit:
    1. Juniors must have a minimum of 16 credits.
    2. Sophomores must have a minimum of 10 credits.
    3. Freshmen must have a minimum of 4 credits.